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Future World-Changers Start Here

Get to know us! Here’s how we’re empowering kids around the world to design their own success stories.

The YaizY Way

Accelerate your child’s learning journey with YaizY. Our online platform offers advanced subjects taught by inspiring tutors in live, weekly classes of 6-8 kids.

Game-Based Learning

Fun classes mean better learning! Our proprietary platform employs game mechanics to keep kids engaged and motivated.

Progressive Subjects

We offer future-proof skills not taught in school. From innovation to coding, kids transform passions into professions.

Soft Skill Development

Integrating soft skills like communication, teamwork, and creativity, our curriculum preps kids for the real world.

Individualized Learning

With small classes led by a curated team of certified tutors, kids master skills holistically and at their own pace.

What Parents Say

With a curriculum fueled by imagination, YaizY kids are empowered to become innovators, thought leaders, and the architects of tomorrow.
Our vision
We’re redefining the future of digital education—and making the world a better place too!

A responsible and prosperous future begins with education. We offer accessible and highly engaging virtual courses that cultivate curiosity, keep kids energized about learning, and equip them to turn their passions into impactful future careers.

With a curriculum fueled by imagination, Yaizy kids are empowered to become innovators, thought leaders, and architects of tomorrow. Kids can build a better world—we just help them do it.

How we do it
Data-driven and holistic, our learning model brings proven success to kids around the world.

YaizY enables kids to explore their aspirations and activate their full potential. Led by our team of expert tutors, our curriculum emphasizes technical training in cutting edge digital and creative specialties while nurturing critical soft skills like leadership and collaboration. From game design to innovation, each small class caters to individual learning styles and maximizes knowledge retention through fun activity-based learning.

Why we do it

Digital literacy should be fun and accessible for kids of all ages—not just college students!

As a global team of entrepreneurs and industry experts with decades of educational experience, we are fixing the gap between traditional school and opportunities for meaningful skill development in progressive subjects. With our interactive platform, kids master the technical and leadership skills they need to succeed in tomorrow’s world.