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Who are our teachers

We select the best teachers with their unique blend of digital-learning and pedagogical strengths so that each student has a strong learning experience. Our 40+ teachers, with an average of 6+ years of teaching experience, are not only subject experts but also “guides” to help students on their “passion to profession” journey.

All YaizY teachers are passionate about their subject matter and real play learning

Alysia McClung
Head of Teaching and Learning, USA
There is no more rewarding mission than teaching kids to pave a way towards their dream.
Roman Shapiro
Head of Teaching, Israel
I take pride in the YaiZy’s ability to set kids up for thriving in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.
YaizY Teacher Requirements
Every YaizY teacher must pass our background check
  • Passion for kid's education and Strong belief in the need to shift the paradigm of education
  • Background in the subject area (academic or practical) and Experience teaching (in person or online)
  • Bachelor’s degree or currently studying in a school of education and being Coachable

Our core values and mindset

YaizY trained teachers are what drives children curiosity with a fun attitude and deep understanding of the taught subject


Unwavering kindness and support for all children


Passion for the difficult, prestigious craft of teaching


Commitment to continuous learning and growth as a teacher


Belief in every child's limitless potential

36 hours of Teaching Intensive Onboarding

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