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Tell Me a Story of CTE: YaizY Feature in ACTE Techniques!


Jun 7, 2024

In today's tech-driven world, the demand for skilled computer professionals is skyrocketing. In the "Tell me a Story of CTE" issue of ACTE Techniques, YaizY sheds light on this critical need and presents insightful strategies to empower students for success in STEM fields, particularly in computer science. Let's explore the key highlights of our collaboration with Texas CTE educators!

Texas grapples with a significant labor-market challenge in computing technology jobs, vital for STEM employment growth. A notable 64% surge in demand for STEM roles, especially in computer professionals, is projected by 2029. This demand not only impacts industries but also underscores the urgency for innovative K-12 learning experiences, especially with the rise of AI.

Amidst these challenges, opportunities emerge. Success stories showcase pathways for students to become high-earning programmers, aligning the state workforce with the evolving job market's demands.

Drawing on inspiration from our collaboration with a leading Texas charter management operator, a number of best practices jump out, centered on the concept of fostering rigorous yet engaging “Passion to Profession” CTE pathways. Here’re the key highlights from our collaboration:

Personalized learning builds skills and confidence

One of the standout strategies is the importance of personalized learning. By tailoring educational experiences to meet the unique needs and backgrounds of individual students, educators can foster engagement, confidence, and a deeper understanding of computer science concepts.

Scaffolded pathways increase retention

Establishing clear pathways from elementary to high school guides students towards STEM careers. Through a variety of instructional formats and engaging extracurricular activities, educators can cultivate students' interest in computer science and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Performance connects to passion

Beyond technical skills, the significance of instilling a sense of purpose and agency in students' learning journeys is vital. By integrating real-world applications and project-based learning experiences, educators can help students see the relevance of their studies and empower them to pursue their passions in the field of computer science.

Dive into the full article to explore concrete examples of our collaboration and real strategies used to engage students in CTE, nurturing the next generation of programmers!

Thanks fo reading!

Thanks fo reading!