Empowering K-12 Students for Future Digital Careers

Explore our immersive course pathways ->

Explore our immersive course pathways

Explore our immersive course pathways

Passion to Profession Courses for K‑12 Students

  • Uniquely engaging, credit‑bearing courses in Animation, Game Design, Computer Science, Genetics, and more than 20 other digital‑career subjects!

  • Progressive learning pathways seamlessly fit into middle and high school curriculum.

  • Hybrid teaching model with live instruction from specialized online teachers and on‑site support from trained learning coaches.

Artfully merging students’ passions
with real‑life rigor

YaizY trained teachers are what drives children curiosity with a fun attitude and deep understanding of the taught subject


  • Credit Bearing;

  • Aligned to State Standards;

  • Created with industry experts;

  • On-ramp to in-demand corporate certificates.

Future Focused & Student Centered

  • Transferable career skills;

  • SEL-aligned;

  • Proven learning outcomes;

  • Future career exploration..

Including 20+ groups for Ukraine & Sudan refugees

Seamlessly Designed For Schools

  • Turnkey course delivery with integrated content;

  • Built-in assessments;

  • Analytics and dashboards;

  • Personalized learner profiles.

Immersive digital platform supports live classroom instruction in schools

Live & asynchronous learning

On YaizY digital platform students are able to study live online with the best teaching talents or have asynchronous classes

Edu-Gaming and project-based!

We have designed our courses to be engaging, rigorous, and fun! We use a variety of game-based mechanics to actively involve students in real-world simulations and relevant digital learning experiences

Integration of Platforms and Real-life tools

YaizY students have created >170K real-life projects: Games in Roblox and Unity, Gifs, Animated films, Landing pages on social issue, Python projects, Screen life films, Stop Motion Animations, Comics and many more.

Integration with US school ecosystems

YaizY digital platform supports integrations with the US schools learning management systems

Hybrid teaching model

The YaizY hybrid teaching model allows us to bring the best teaching talent to all students.

  • YaizY senior teachers are certified subject matter experts with extensive teaching experience in STEM, Arts, Business, and Technology;

  • YaizY fellow teachers are aspiring teachers who engage and support students;

  • Learning Coaches are provided by schools and are physically present on site. Learning Coaches support students in the classroom.

What Students say

YaizY is changing how students learn and we’re proud of it! See what it’s like to be a part of the YaizY family.

Yaizy Certificates

Yaizy has a commitment to excellence, innovation, and compliance with industry standards, as well as a track record of successful product development and growth

Why YaizY?

Over 25,000 students have already taken YaizY’s“ passion to profession” courses with outstanding results!

Increase in understanding of digital professions

Improvement in digital-career readiness skills

Increase in social emotional learning (SEL) and 21st century mindsets

Presence in Schools and Districts

200 schools in the U.S. and around the world have partnered with YaizY to prepare students for colleges and careers of the future

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