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An innovative and fun way to prepare students for digital careers

YaizY brings “passion-to-profession” CTE credit-bearing electives and afterschool programs for middle and high schools

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Passion to Profession Courses for K-12 Students
  • Uniquely engaging, credit-bearing courses in Animation, Game Design, Computer Science, Genetics, and more than 20 other digital-career subjects!
  • Progressive learning pathways seamlessly fit into middle and high school curriculum
  • Hybrid teaching model with live instruction from specialized online teachers and on-site support from trained learning coaches

YaizY digital pathways

Our “passion to profession” courses uniquely provide K-12 students with high-quality, experiential learning mapped to digital careers of today and the future
Leadership & Entrepreneurship Programs
Give students the tools to develop projects from the ground up, pitch to investors, and even launch a start-up
Computing Programs
Include courses specializing in developing and advancing practical coding skills. Kids learn how to program and understand computer code
Design & Multimedia Arts Programs
Educate kids in design thinking and teache them how to develop impactful creative content

Artfully merging kids’ passions with real-life rigor


  • Credit Bearing
  • Aligned to State Standards
  • Created with industry experts
  • On-ramp to in-demand corporate certificates

Future Focused & Student Centered

  • Transferable career skills
  • SEL-aligned
  • Proven learning outcomes
  • Future career exploration

Seamlessly Designed For Schools

  • Turnkey course delivery with integrated content
  • Built-in assessments
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Personalized learner profiles

Immersive digital platform supports live classroom instruction in schools

Live & asynchronous learning

On YaizY digital platform students are able to study live online with the best teaching talents or have asynchronous classes

Hybrid teaching model
The YaizY hybrid teaching model allows us to bring the best teaching talent to all students
  • YaizY senior teachers are certified subject matter experts with extensive teaching experience in STEM, Arts, Business, and Technology
  • YaizY fellow teachers are aspiring teachers who engage and support students
  • Learning Coaches are provided by schools and are physically present on site. Learning Coaches support students in the classroom


YaizY is changing how kids learn and we’re proud of it! See what it’s like to be a part of the YaizY family.
Animation Course student
Tulsa Public Schools
This class is my favorite because it is exciting to see my ideas come to life and when I can animate something that I just created in my mind
Animation Course student
Tulsa Public Schools
I like that this course is not offered anywhere else and we have the unique opportunity to learn animation in high school. I would definitely recommend this class to my friends because I think it is really fun and interesting
Computer Science Fundamentals student
Longview Independent School District
I like that this class lets us work and explore new things in order for us to learn. I feel more comfortable whenever I need to ask a question
Changemakers Course student
Uplift Hampton
I get to know more about marketing to be able to start my own business one day
Animation Course student
Tulsa Public Schools
I like the animation class because it is fun to make animations. The best thing that we have done in the animation class so far is animate on Brush Ninja. I see the animation class helping me in the future by maybe getting a job
Animation Course student
Tulsa Public Schools
I like the animation class because I find it fun to animate and learn things about film and animated films. I think the best thing we have done in class is the self-portrait animation so far. I see the animation class helping me with storyboarding and animation in college

Yaizy Certificates

Yaizy has a commitment to excellence, innovation, and compliance with industry standards, as well as a track record of successful product development and growth

Why YaizY?

Over 25,000 students have already taken YaizY’s“ passion to profession” courses with outstanding results!

Increase in understanding of digital professions

Improvement in digital-career readiness skills

Increase in social emotional learning (SEL) and 21st century mindsets

Presence in Schools and Districts

200 schools in the U.S. and around the world have partnered with YaizY to prepare kids for colleges and careers of the future

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