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The YaizY Way

With a curriculum fueled by imagination, YaizY kids are empowered to become innovators, thought leaders, and the architects of tomorrow.


Led by YaizY’s team of top tutors, our small virtual classes engage curiosity and accelerate your child’s success story.

Innovative learning

Designed for 8-17 year olds, YaizY courses cultivate the skills and drive needed to excel in multimedia arts and technology.

21st century skills

Our purposeful courses optimize real world usage, hone skills sought by top employers, and prepare kids for rewarding careers.

Guided groups

Fusing subject mastery with an engaging teaching style, YaizY tutors empower kids to learn effectively while having fun.

Learn together

Our small classes enable an energetic yet thoughtfully paced learning environment that stimulates collaboration and discovery.

Project based

Each course culminates in real artifacts, a rewarding component of our curriculum that encourages kids to stay eager to learn.

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YaizY is changing how kids learn—and we’re proud of it! See what it’s like to be a part of the Yaizy family.
Mars Academy
It was great to be in class with other girls who are interested in coding. I liked how patient my tutor was, and I always felt comfortable asking for help. Before YaizY, I wasn’t sure if I would be good at coding, but now I am much more confident and excited to take it to the next level.
Sophie N.
12 years old
At first I didn’t want to learn stuff during summer, but I had so much fun in Gamify! My tutor Alex made every class awesome and I also made a cool friend who I signed up for 2 more classes with!
Miles S.
11 years old
Jurassic Code
I have always loved Jurassic Park so I was super excited right away about Jurassic Code. Even though I didn’t know much about coding before, I felt like I learned so much and I liked making my friends jealous when I showed them what I made!
Garret K.
14 years old

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