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Comics Studio: Storytelling

Kids create their own comics from scratch in this digital arts course. Imagination is a superpower in Comics Studio!
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How it works

From the sequence of creation to plot development, students explore popular comic universes and master fundamentals of storytelling.

Class duration

90 minutes


20 lessons / 1 per week


10-14 years old


2–6 per class

Learning Reimagined

Want to see the course in action? Check out this preview video! Creativity, discovery, and growth—it all happens here.

Course Features

This course uses comics to examine the principles of effective communication. Kids create their own universe, but gain skills for real life!

Practical Tools

Kids learn professional software used by comic industry titans including ComicLife, Storyboard That, JustSketchMe app, and GIMP.

Immersive Projects

Each assignment engages kids to deeply understand narrative principles. They create their own comic by the end of the course!

Soft Skills

Small class sizes enable close collaboration with peers and help kids improve their teamwork, confidence, and public speaking.

Future Profession

From critical thinking to visualizing and executing, Comics Studio empowers kids with versatile tools sought at top companies.

What Students Will Learn

Kids deconstruct popular comics and examine how to produce effective storytelling.
Storyboarding exercises engage your child’s critical thinking and imagination.
Kids apply their lessons to create a comic book with plot, script, and illustration!
Each student presents their unique comic book and participates in group feedback.
What Students Will Learn

Course prerequisites

No experience needed! With Comics Studio, creativity is unleashed, and storytelling talents are unlocked.
Kids 10-14 years old
Fluent in English
Access to a computer with internet connection
Microphone and webcam

Choose group

Every group has 20 sessions in 5 months. Up to 6-8 students per group.
Starting Dec 9
Thursday 9:30 - 11:00 PM GMT
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