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Coding Rock Star

In this beginner course, kids sink their teeth into one of the top programming languages: Python—the powerhouse of giants like Uber and Instagram!
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How it works

Starting with simple definitions and variables, students quickly master the basics of Python with interactive project-based learning.

Class duration

90 minutes


20 lessons / 1 per week


12-14 years old


2–6 per class

Course Features

Coding is essential for many technology careers. This Python course sets kids up to master one of the most sought after programming skills.

Practical Tools

Kids learn the principles of coding and practical techniques for programming on Python including working with text and graphics.

Immersive Projects

From games to apps to databases, kids enjoy hands-on learning by growing their Python skills while creating their own projects.

Soft Skills

Small class sizes enable close collaboration with peers and help kids improve their teamwork, confidence, and public speaking.

Future Profession

Python experts are among the highest earners in the developer market! This course is the first step for an exciting job in tech.

What Students Will Learn

Kids learn Python and explore how object oriented programming builds games and apps.
Projects challenge kids to think mathematically and solve problems with programming.
In the course simulation, kids start as interns. They use Python to get promoted!
Kids present their projects and complete the simulation by becoming lead developers!
What Students Will Learn

Course prerequisites

No experience needed! Coding Rock Star prepares kids of all experience levels to start their journey as a Python expert!
Kids 11-14 years old
Fluent in English
Access to a computer with internet connection
Microphone and webcam

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