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Python Pro
Coming soon

An advanced course in Python. Take your Python skills up a notch and learn like a real-life industry professional; there’s no time to play it small, this is the pro-league.

Basic coding is essential but taking it to an advanced level is a game changer. Learn how to solve complicated tasks and challenges and become a pro.

Master advanced python, including modules Pygame and PyQt5 an extensive module for creating cross-platform applications. This course will help you accelerate your progress considerably through your college years.

Students will learn to

  • Understand and analyze complicated tasks
  • Learn advanced commands and algorithms
  • Acquire extensive planning skills
  • Create sophisticated programs
  • Match and prepare for real world programming

Course prerequisites

  • Kids 13-17 years old
  • No previous knowledge of coding required
  • Fluent in English
  • Access to a computer with internet connection
  • A working microphone and webcam

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