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Mars Academy

Scratch coding meets outer space! Kids apply lessons in science and coding to program a crew of virtual robots to build a colony on Mars!

How it works

Kids use algorithmic thinking, engage deeply in science topics, and learn programming to execute a colonization mission to Mars.

Class duration

60 minutes


20 lessons / 1 per week


8-10 years old


up to 25 per class

Learning Reimagined

Want to see the course in action? Check out this preview video! Creativity, discovery, and growth—it all happens here.

Course Features

Spark cosmic curiosity! Combining programming with the basics of physics and astronomy, Mars Academy will make your kid’s dream to go to space a reality!

Practical Tools

Kids learn Scratch programming and master the algorithmic and logical thinking that underlie coding and computer science. 

Immersive Projects

Game-based exercises make coding exciting for kids! Each challenge helps them on their journey to complete a mission to Mars.

Soft Skills

Small class sizes enable close collaboration with peers and help kids improve their teamwork, confidence, and public speaking. 

Future Profession

Kids learn to think like programmers. They gain the basic skills needed for success in any computer science related field.

What Students Will Learn

Kids learn the basics of Scratch programming language and explore science concepts.
Interactive projects help kids practice algorithmic thinking and coding commands.
Students apply their new Scratch skills to program robots to build a colony on Mars.
Kids show off what they have learned by presenting their successful mission to Mars!
What Students Will Learn

Course prerequisites

No experience needed! Mars Academy empowers kids of all experience levels to explore a passion for space and learn programming!
Kids 8-10 years old
Basic ability to type
Fluent in English
Access to a computer with internet connection
Microphone and webcam

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