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Jurassic Code

A course in Genetic Engineering. Unlock a passion for modern science and bring dinosaurs to life on this epic Jurassic adventure!

  • Ages 9-14
  • 20 sessions of 90 minutes each
  • 1 time a week
  • Up to 6 students per group

$140 $119 / month

Limited time offer

Kids will bring extinct species back to life on this Jurassic adventure. We instill an innovator mindset and teach critical reasoning so they can drive future advancement like countless Nobel Laureates. They will recreate dinosaurs and find roaring success as the Mesozoic meets the millennial.

We transform your child’s interests into a passion for deeper scientific discovery. They will learn how to put complex knowledge into practice, grasp advanced scientific problems and will bring dinosaurs back to life! We will introduce the methods of modern biology and genetic engineering to help them master STEM subjects and boost their grades.

Students will learn to

  • Transform their interests into a passion for exploring complex scientific theory
  • Stimulate creativity and critical reasoning
  • Develop and innovator mindset based on experience and problem solving
  • Master the fundamentals of math, chemistry, genetics and molecular biology
  • Understand modern methods of genetic engineering and how to apply them
  • Get to grips with paleontology, ecology and the evolution theory

Course prerequisites

  • Kids 10-13 years old
  • No previous knowledge in the subject required
  • Fluent in English
  • Access to a computer with internet connection
  • A working microphone and webcam

Our future classes

Coming soon! Check out our YaizY Summer Camps - live now! - regular courses will be back in September

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