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Digital Society

Modern and historical worlds collide as kids come from the future to design an app that solves public life challenges in a medieval simulation.

How it works

From business, to health and transport, kids strategically design a government app to build solutions to problems in the public sphere.

Class duration

60 minutes


Coming soon!


14-17 years old


up to 25 per class

Course Features

Through interactive projects, kids engage with government service delivery, values and civic participation in digital society.

Practical Tools

Students learn the ethical and social aspects of government, plus digital tools to spark change such as app prototyping in Miro.

Immersive Projects

Kids engage with simulated challenges and learn through trial and error how to use technology to implement effective solutions.

Soft Skills

Small class sizes enable close collaboration with peers and help kids improve their teamwork, confidence, and public speaking.

Future Profession

In addition to the versatile benefit of learning to build a mobile app, kids master problem solving—a critical workplace skill.

What Students Will Learn

Students examine case studies and learn to lead digital-driven change in the public sector.
Students engage with statistic basics, social research methods and design their own public.
Based on analyzed statistical insights, students design mobile app features and launch a prototype.
Kids collaborate to develop solutions to scenario challenges and exchange feedback.
What Students Will Learn

Course prerequisites

No experience needed! Kids with all academic backgrounds can learn how to use technology to make the world a better place.
Kids 14-17 years old
Fluent in English
Access to a computer with internet connection
A working microphone and webcam

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