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Digital Art

In this dynamic arts course, kids master visual communication as they venture through art history and create digital projects inspired by each era!

How it works

Kids explore fundamental concepts of art’s role in society and culture and learn how to construct images that communicate effectively.

Class duration

90 minutes


Coming soon!


8-12 years old


2–8 per class

The YaizY Way

With a curriculum fueled by imagination, YaizY kids are empowered to become innovators, thought leaders, and the architects of tomorrow.

Course Features

From Michelangelo to pre-historic cave art and contemporary advertising, students study the theories and evolution of visual communication!

Practical Tools

Students bring their ideas to life with professional digital art making software, like GIMP, Photopea, VideoShop and GIFmake.

Immersive Projects

By engaging with the principles of art through history, students are enabled to communicate authentic and impactful messages.

Soft Skills

Small class sizes enable close collaboration with peers and help kids improve their teamwork, confidence, and public speaking.

Future Profession

Understanding the motivation behind creating and consuming images prepares kids for many careers from marketing to game design!

What Students Will Learn

Kids study art’s role in past societies and connect themes to modern digital art.
Experimenting with digital art tools, kids master technical skills to communicate.
Kids construct a portfolio of graphics that communicate emotively and effectively.
Kids share their creations with their peers and engage in constructive criticism.
What Students Will Learn

Course prerequisites

No experience needed! Kids of all art level experiences will surprise themselves with the art they create!
Kids 8-12 years old
Fluent in English
Access to a computer with internet connection
A working microphone and webcam

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