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We are helping schools to close learning gaps

Holistic passion to profession elective programs for high schools and middle schools. YaizY improves the quality and relevance of education by blending future- needs based Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO) frameworks with experiential learning.
Leadership & Entrepreneurship Track
Gives students the tools to develop projects from the ground up, pitch to investors, and even launch a start-up.
Computing Track
Immerses students to the IT industry covering topics from programming and software engineering to cloud and blockchain. Our programs will allow students to practice working in simulated IT teams.
Design & Multimedia Arts Track
Facilitates students with vital skills for cultural and creative industries: from the creation of impactful content and leading the creative process to selling your idea and inspiring many minds.

Building foundation to grow happy, passionate, and motivated kids


Yaizy courses immerse students in the engaging and game-based learning environment, allow them to try out different areas, and discover future professions. Yaizy courses are designed to prompt kids’ natural curiosity and activate the motivation towards studying while developing crucial social and emotional skills. Students will be able to identify their passion, deep dive into the most interesting area, and turn their hobby into a career.

The YaizY Way

With a curriculum fuelled by imagination, YaizY kids are empowered to become innovators, thought leaders, and the architects of tomorrow.

Our Immersive Platform coupled with YaizY trained teachers

Edu-Game mechanics

Features enhance our educational process and enable customization across game-based content and 
teacher/student experiences.

Integration of Platforms

Easy integration with various digital systems that YaizY teaches. Game-based mechanics and integration of platforms that develop hard skills like Roblox Studio, Scratch, and Python


Managing and onboarding teachers through our platform, internal and external teachers