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A course in Game Design. Level-up and build your own world with Roblox Studio; design complex plots with cool characters like a real game developer!

Learn the basics of Lua code to construct 3D game worlds! Create characters, write scripts and develop complex plotlines. Roblox is a vast, immersive and exciting platform used by 115 million kids every month. We are accredited Roblox Educators delivering a superior guided learning experience.

Students will create exciting, plot-driven games in a host of different genres while learning the Lua language. Learning through Roblox Studio as part of a team and individually, they will create unique game universes and build their own 3D characters. As accredited Roblox Educators expect nothing less than exemplary tutoring in game development.

Students will learn to

  • Create games on the Roblox Studio engine
  • Program puzzles and logical problems
  • Create different game strategies
  • Design different types of players
  • Write scripts in Lua script language
  • Promote their games on Roblox

Course prerequisites

  • Kids 10-13 years old
  • No previous knowledge of coding required
  • Access to a computer with internet connection
  • A working microphone and webcam

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